Space Campaign Game

Space Campaign Space Campaign. People choose different professions in their life, some of them are easier, some harder. And most of us usually go for a job that takes place on the Earth, if we could say like that, but some brave people decide to explore more distant space, like the cosmos. Seems like our everyday life is not enough for those people who risk their life if order to discover some great things for the humanity. And a man can’t go just like that in the space. There are numerous physical and psychical exercises that need to be done before, including a lot of knowledge about the space, physics and mechanics since they are conducting those incredible machines – the spaceships, and they need to be prepared for everything.

A group of scientists and astronauts has been sent on a space campaign. It is about a big thing since their mission is to observe a new piece that has been circling around the sun for quite some time. It didn’t look threatening but it is a serious thing because the sun is the source of life on the Earth, so they can’t risk and act by chance. The expedition is in the space for 6 months and they are monitoring every chance that happens in the space.

However, after 6 months of work something unexpected happens. One of the space shuttle engines turned off. Every member of the campaign is really well prepared but they have to be careful and fix the problem as soon as they can, in order to be able to get back on the Earth safely.

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