Perfect Fake Game

Perfect FakePerfect Fake Game: Some people are true artists, while others use their talent for the wrong purposes. Some create perfect works of art. While others create perfect copies of works of art and are sometimes greater masters even than the original authors. To create something of your own is probably easier because it comes from yourself, and you can’t make a mistake here. But to copy something, to copy every stroke of the brush, every line, and not make a single mistake, it is a real challenge that not many would take on.

In Perfect Fake Game: Mr. Mark is the director of the art museum. He loves his job and does it with love and enthusiasm. That is why, one morning, he immediately noticed that during the night, the objects exhibited in the museum were different from yesterday, that is, they were different from their originals. One might not notice, but Mark’s keen eye noticed all the differences. Mark wants to know who dared to steal the originals and put replicas in their place. He and his assistant Ava will try to solve this mystery. You can play Perfect Fake Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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