Split Decision Game

Split DecisionSplit Decision Game: There is always a bad feeling among people when something threatens their safety. Or the safety of their close ones, safety of the place where they live, whether it is a small or a big crime. A very unfortunate event shook the city. This city is a peaceful place and there are no major incidents most of the time, but what happened is ugly. In Split Decision Game: A dead male body was found near the famous city bowling alley. It is a very busy location, a place where many people go.

A few days ago, a bowling tournament was held at that place. So Detective Gordan believes that the dead body has some connection with that tournament. Let’s join the investigation and help the detective find out who is behind this murder that shook the city. We will collect evidence together with our detective, follow available leads. And hope that justice will reach the one who dared to commit such a serious crime and make the whole city live in fear. You can play Split Decision Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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