Shrouded in Mystery Game

Shrouded in MysteryShrouded in Mystery Game: Maybe banks are considered the safest places because there is a huge amount of money in them. But the fact is that even they are not immune to the attacks of various criminal groups and thieves. In Shrouded in Mystery Game: Detective Charles is called and arrives at the bank where there was a robbery just half an hour ago. The director of the bank Michelle, is upset by the whole situation, especially because a lot of money was taken out of the bank. And the bank security system was activated very late. It is activated only a few minutes before the thieves leave. And in that short time, nothing can be done to catch them at the crime scene.

Now, a whole investigation should be opened, traces should be collected. And various evidences should be sought, to get directions, in which direction the thieves should be searched. Such a delayed reaction would mean greater possibilities for them to run away. Hide the money, or spend it on something else. Let’s visit the bank together and see what the others are stealing. But if possible, we can also find out why the security system was activated so late. You can play Shrouded in Mystery game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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