Cosmic Riddles Game

Cosmic RiddlesCosmic Riddles Game: Our everyday life is what it is, but astronaut Ryan’s everyday life is certainly different from ours. Of course, that is normal since he dared to choose that kind of profession. After passing all the training and tests for space travel, he is in front of his first mission, ready to face new challenges in life. Ryan is the new astronaut who arrives in the spaceship called Horizon. He is quite well prepared. But as always, every new job brings new challenges. In Cosmic Riddles Game: Angela and Shirley are taking care of their new colleagues who need to get to know them with their daily tasks.

Their work with security is different from classic office work. So let’s see what their daily responsibilities are. Let’s help Ryan find his way to his new job. And see what a working day looks like in a spaceship. Our space mission can start now, so we can check how ready we are to deal with this type of challenge. Let’s see what we expected on the ship. You can play Cosmic Riddles Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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