Mystery Motel Game

Mystery Motel Mystery Motel. Always there are rumors about certain places, certain people that relate them to some paranormal activities. Sometimes it is about a house where supposedly stay ghosts, sometimes about a secret forest that hides a great mystery, or people that turn into vampires or other paranormal creatures… And usually there isn’t any proof that could tell that for sure, numerous rumors – few evidences, and that’s why we can’t be sure if the paranormal activities really exist or they are just stories made up by someone, just to spread fear all around.

Brian knows about one mystery motel for a long time. He has heard about it when he was very young that it would seem that this motel is a place where many paranormal activities happen. That’s why he and his friends didn’t want to be near to that place, those stories made them really scared. However, after many years, when Brian and his friends grow up, they decided that they are not scared anymore and they want to see on their own what is actually happening in the place.

They like to spend the night in the most notorious motel and prove the opposite – that the stories about ghosts that appear late at night are not true and everything related to them is one big fat lie. The boys are at the place but it seems that something scary is really going on there since things are not that normal… However, they will still stay there and explore what is going on, and put an end of the rumors about the mystery motel, revealing the truth about it.

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