Mystery Cottage Game

Mystery Cottage Mystery Cottage. People have numerous dreams in life, some of them are beautiful some are not so nice, we mean about the nightmares. It could sometimes happen dream to come true but that is not a rule, dreams could sometimes be just a reflection of our thoughts are something that has happen during the day, but they surely make us considers some things, even for a while.

А few days ago, young Caroline had a strange dream. In her dream she saw a mystery cottage located in the woods near her place. She knows about this forest since forever and she has walked there many times but she hasn’t seen anything like that… In her dreams it was about this cottage but more about what this cottage hides.

The cottage is full of books and it is believed that in those books is written the future of every man on the planet earth. That sounds very challenging so Caroline has decided to see if this dream was true. She has started a great adventure looking for the mysterious cottage, without knowing what to expect but with hope that she will really find out something interesting. The game includes Caroline’s quest, her way to the cottage and everything that happens on the way there. Look for the hidden items and help Caroline find the mystery cottage.

Mystery Cottage is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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