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Clean ReflectionsClean Reflections. Life in downtown or life in the periphery? There are numerous pros and cons about that theme, and it seems that there is not a final answer; it depends from people’s tastes and persuasion. Some people enjoy living quiet life near to the nature while others always like to be in the middle of the happenings. Some people like to be close to the urbanized places. Which means for example going by walk to the cinema, to school, to work while others like to be as far as possible from those things. Because the calm life gives them happiness. They choose to live far from the city noise. And enjoying everyday things that other people choose to do for the weekend and so on.

The Parker family lived in the periphery for a longer period of time. They loved living there but with time they realized that they have to make their living different by moving again to the center of the city. They needed to be closer to work; the children needed closer schools, so they’ve chosen to move there. However, after few years in the center, the Parkers’ realized that there is too much noise and rush in their lives. Yes, they are closer to all the happenings but sometimes too much closer. Which is making them nervous and concerned about things that could be less important if the live in another surroundings. That’s why they’ve chosen to go back to their old place, willing to have quiet life again.

Since this family hasn’t been in the house for a longer period. It is time to clean the place before they move in again. For that purpose they would need a cleaning company to help them and that’s why they call Larry who owns this kind of service, to help them with the house. Larry calls his assistant (you), to help him bring the place in the right order.

Clean Reflections is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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