Resort Housekeepers Game

Resort HousekeepersResort Housekeepers Game: Elizabeth and William have a very interesting job. They work in the famous spa resort named ‘Ray of sunshine’. It is about a wonderful resort that every year attracts a lot of people. The guests spend their year holiday here, spend a weekend. Or simply pass by and spend few hours enjoying the wonderful offer of the place. The place has to offer a lot for everyone, it makes the guests feel like home and that’s why it is so famous. And since the new season is about to start. The resort’s stuff has to prepare the place for the new guests.

That means that everything needs to be flawlessly clean and in the right order. Then they have to check out if there is a need to get something more, like new furniture or other equipment and so on. Elizabeth and William’s job, as resort housekeepers, is to prepare the place and make sure everything is alright for the moment when the first guests will come. Actually, the season starts tomorrow, so Elizabeth and William have full hands of work. It’s time so start the final preparations so let’s help them make everything perfect for the new season. You can play Resort Housekeepers game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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