Domestic Service Game

Domestic ServiceDomestic Service Game: When we are in a rush and we can’t manage to take care of our homes, the cleaning services are a real hit. Sometimes it is unimaginable to put everything in order when you and your partner go to work for eight to ten hours every day. The kids have their own responsibilities… It is hard to find time for yourselves, not to mention all the details that are part of house maintaining.

In Domestic Service Game: Victoria works in an agency for house cleaning and maintaining. She has to admit that she has so much work on a daily basis but she likes her job very much. Today Victoria has been called by the Davis family, to help them clean their house. She is already in the house but she has only few hours for taking care of everything. That’s why she needs some help from you, to put things in their right order. Victoria is a real professional in her work. So you better follow her instructions and you will finish everything on time. Also, you may learn something practical from this game, so take it seriously. Let’s start cleaning! Enjoy and have fun in playing Domestic Service Game.

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