Ultimate Cleanup Game

Ultimate CleanupUltimate Cleanup Game: It is day for general cleaning of the house for Patrick and his wife Diane. They were planning this cleaning for a while and today, they finally have time to do that. Patrick and Diane work together everything. Now, to be even more practical for the general cleaning, they have decided to divide their responsibilities. Patrick is the one that maybe has the harder part in the process of cleaning. And that is finding and cleaning up the objects that are all around the house.

That is always the first step before the big general cleaning and is not something interesting to do but it’s necessary. To make this process less boring, Diane has prepared a small game for Patrick. In the game, Patrick needs to find answers for few riddles related to cleaning. It is not something complicated, just something that will make the cleanup more Let’s hello Diana and Patrick finish the cleaning sooner. Look for the objects and try to find answers for the riddles. Let’s make the process of cleaning real fun while helping our today’s characters. You can play Ultimate Cleanup game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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