Unknown Identity Game

Unknown Identity Unknown Identity. The police always have a different case to solve. It is much easier those days when it is about small robberies or some simple crimes than those days when there are murders, rapes or kidnapping. Those cases are usually more complicated but also harder in a sense that they could affect the ones that are working on that case emotionally, no matter how well trained they are. We are all humans and it is quite hard to concentrate on something that includes cruelties committed on another person.

The city of London police are doing their job really responsible. They are well organized group that operates quite effective, taking care of the local criminals or criminal groups that pass through London. This time the London police has detected a male body in one old abandoned house, in the London suburb known as Balham, a neighborhood of South London. This place has often been labeled as ‘Best place to live’, named as one of the top five most desirable places to live in London, just because people are safe and that’s why this case of a murder has shake the people who live there.

This mysterious case has become even more mysterious in the moment when it was revealed that the owners of the mouse have moved abroad long time ago and the male body found in the house, does not have any connection with them. The police start a detailed investigation in order to discover the unknown identity of the victim that lies down in the abandoned house. Let’s see what’s going on and maybe we could help somehow.

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