Three Suspects Game

Three Suspects Three Suspects. The Nelson family lives in a very beautiful house. The house by itself is very nice, the location is excellent, the surroundings as well, but there is a little problem about all of that… Nelson’s house is actually a place full of ghosts, something that no one could predictor expect these days. But however, there are numerous things that can’t be escaped and point to that fact. But since we live in a world where most of the things that happen around us can be explained. The Nelsons looked for some help from the police about their situation. Hoping that there could be some logical answer about the situation, no matter what. And it seems that their intuition was right, even though the more obvious facts were telling something else.

The police have made an investigation at the scene and they have broken all the theories about possible paranormal happenings, the whole theory about possible ghosts has fallen into the water. The real evidences point that someone has made everything on purpose, the whole scene and the story about ghosts. Actually that someone wanted the owners of the house to leave their place as soon as possible and sell the house. Since the house is haunted, they will sell it on a lower price. And that mysterious someone that has planned all of that will buy the house for no money! For now the police have three suspects and you will play a detective in this game. You will have to find and collect all evidences related with the case, and find out who is responsible for this unusual situation.

Three Suspects is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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