The Hero of New York Game

The Hero of New York The Hero of New York. The mafia in New York maybe is not in its peak but surely there are traces of it, some gangs that somehow rule the city. The police are always trying to catch them and stop this organized criminal but usually it is about groups that work very highly organized and very intelligently so they don’t leave anything on coincidence.

Detective Liam is one of those brave guys that fight the criminal for many year. After many years of dedicate serving, the detective is at the end of his career. He was a great detective but since it is about a very delicate profession, there were many ups and downs in it. Now he is doing some retrospection of his career and he admits to himself that the greatest pain, the weakest link in his career was to put end of the New York Mafia. Many times he was so close to finishing with this organized criminal group but his attempts did not end up that successfully so perhaps he feels little bit disappointed from the situation, no matter that he gave best of himself in all cases.

Probably this would be the last case of detective Liam but also it would be his last chance to put in prison the chief of the mafia. The detective believes that that would be a proper finish of his career that will bring him a real satisfaction but it will bring peace and safety for the people that live in the city of New York. Let’s help the detective do his job best he can.

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