Railway Scandal Game

Railway ScandalRailway Scandal. Oh my god! No one likes happenings like this, they make shivers to pass all through our bodies. It is about the conductor, this quiet man that was working so much and didn’t mean bad for anyone, or at least we believe that it was like that… This man was found dead in his small apartment. Actually he was working night shift when this mysterious murder happened in the small railway station and this is first time something like this to happen at this place. None from the people working there could guess what happened and who could commit that terrible crime but that’s why here are the police, and they are able to see the things from other, clearer perspective.

Since it is about a place that is usually safe, this crime was something that definitely attracted attention and we may say that it become a real scandal. People are concerned about their own safety when they travel or pass through this station and many of them change their directions, choosing different type or traveling, just to avoid this railway. This something that has to be solved fast because it is slows down the traffic and the railway has to be brought to use as fast as possible.

At the place of the crime scene are called Todd who is a chief of the security of the station, detective Mary and the forensic Anna. They all know their work well so we are hoping that this strange case would be solved as soon as possible. You will play as their assistant and you’ll have to listen to their orders. There are five different locations and many clues and objects that could definitely help in the investigation. Let’s hurry up!

Railway Scandal is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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