Newport PD Game

Newport PD Newport PD. Meet Emma and Frank. Those two are detectives, actually longtime partners that work in Newport Police Department for many years. Since they have chosen this kind of a profession. Emma and Frank meet criminals every day and they have to face their criminal acts. Doing their best in order to do everything as it should be. Their experience is really noted since they have been working on the hardest criminal cases in their surroundings. And they have solved them, bringing justice for all which is very important for the area where they work.

Today Emma and Frank have another criminal case in front of them, waiting to be solved. Namely, one local businessman has called them to tell them that someone has break into his home while he wasn’t there. This would be another challenge for the two detectives, including their colleagues. Because they will have to try their best in order to find out who are the people that have broken into the businessman’s home and how did they manage to do that. Since they are on the streets for so many years. Emma and Frank already have certain suspects, according to the manner the criminal act was performed, so they will start their investigation with them. It is about some local gangs that operate around that area, who might be the ones interested in the businessman’s properties.

As you may see, it is about a very interesting case and what is even more interesting. Is the fact that you will play in a role of a deputy of Emma and Frank. Which means that you’ll be responsible for the others in Newport Police Department. This would be a great responsibility for you but also a nice chance to see how the things work for the real police professionals.

Newport PD is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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