Mystery Well

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Game Details

Mystery WellThe mystery well is located at the end of a small city. It looks like a regular well but lately the people who live in that village are very upset because they often see ghosts!? Yes, you’ve read right – ghosts! Those creatures are coming out and getting in the well, which makes the villagers feel scared to even come close to it, because no one could not predict what may happen if a ghosts catch them, or something even worse happens. As always in those series, you will play as the main detective in the game. You will come at the scene together with your team of professionals and you will have to explore the place. Perhaps for ghosts we will need a team of exorcists or something similar but first it would be much more practical to call the police and try to put aside all possible signs that the mystery about the well might be related to something really dangerous, not that ghosts are not that dangerous…

However, the traces lead to something different from ghosts; it seems that the white sights are actually related to drugs?! Those ghosts are fabricated to put the villagers’ attention to other side, so they could not see what is actually happening? Let’s explore the case together.