Badge of Honor

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Game Details

Badge of HonorBadge of Honor. So friends, are you prepared for something completely new? A new type of game with a new exciting gameplay? We know you are – who would say no to something like this. We are talking about a new serial that is called Crime Reports, and this is the first episode from the serial. In this amazing criminal game, you will take a direct a direct part, you are the main player in the game and you will work on a case that will make you feel as you are a real detective. And we know that every detective has his/her partner so in this case there are two options for that – to choose between a male and a female partner.

The band known as ‘Lords of Anarchy’ is quite a danger for the quite citizens that go back home at night using the city metro. There are so many cases of molesting and robberies caused by this band and the people are so much worried about their safety. Our job is to put an end of this situation, to find the leader of the band – Eric Hector, who is also related with international criminal and his name is on the list of most wanted criminals in the world.

Also there are some rewards for the players in this new gameplay – when t he job is done correctly, you get a bonus game. Between every second level there is a lucky card that offers you a chance to win money, hearts, or logos from the bonus game. We have to collect 5 logos in order to unlock the game and if we don’t collect 5, we have a chance to buy them, with the money earned from the lucky cards.