A Strange Role Game

A Strange Role A Strange Role. Some strange things have happen in one small city in the north of England. No one remembers that it was something dangerous there, everything was all right until these days when an actual serial murderer started doing some bad things and made the inhabitants of this place feel scared and concerned about their lives and the lives of their loved ones. No one knows who could that person be but some witnesses claim that the possible murderer was always wearing a different mask on his face, that kind of person was walking around through the city.

Since it is about a small city and the police there needs some serious help for this complicated case, detective Henesi is send there, to find and take care of the mysterious murderer. Detective Henesi starts collecting evidences right away, thinking about every possible detail that could help him to solve the case. He is thinking about those masks, he likes to catch the killer’s pattern for killing, is maybe there a particular profile of people that are his victims or not.

This seems like a very complex case and it is quite sure that it will take some time for solving it, even when there is such a professional on the case like detective Henesi. So, let’s involve into this case and help the city to get rid of the terrible man that is doing so much harm to this city before appears new victim…

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