Wicked House Game

Wicked House Wicked House Game: Martha is just a regular girl who is really concerned for her friend. There are few days since she has disappeared and Martha is worried if something bad has happen to her. Calling her friend few times, Martha has realized that something is wrong so she was the one that reported the case to the police. The police examine the case in details. They are real professionals so they do their job really well. But Martha could not settle down until she finds out something about her friend. She doesn’t have any temper so she has started to look for some evidences on her own, in order to find her friend.

In Wicked House Game: Martha’s friend didn’t announce that she will go somewhere. She doesn’t have a house or something out of the town where she could go. But there is one place where she could be, at least Martha thinks she could be there and that is her ex-husband’s house. It is an abandoned house, but Martha believes that her friend’s ex-husband has something to do with the disappearance. So at the moment she is in the house, searching for something that could explain her friend’s disappearance. This is a very hard situation for Martha. But she has decided that she will do everything she can, just to find her friend in Wicked House Game.

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