Lotus Village Game

Lotus VillageLotus Village Game: Villages, cities, and even entire countries are often associated with legends about their origin. The mere fact that we have not been direct witnesses to their formation and many years have passed since it happened, shrouds their origin in a certain mystery for which sometimes there is evidence to confirm it, and sometimes there is not. In Lotus Village Game: Ying is a young girl who currently arrives in the famous Lotus Village. As the name of the village itself tells us, it is known for the lovely lotuses often found here. And there is also a beautiful flower garden for which this village is also famous.

However, Ying is not here just for its beauty and garden. She was also brought here by the legend about the gold coins hidden somewhere in the village. So says the legend, but there is no real evidence proving the existence of these gold coins, nor their exact location. Ying is curious and wants to know where the gold coins are. So let’s help her find a clue that will lead her there. You can play Lotus Village Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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