Abandoned Theater Game

Abandoned TheaterAbandoned Theater Game: Meet Margaret. This girl is a professional photographer who has been sent by one building company with a concrete task. Her task is to take photos from the abandoned theater that is located in the center of the city. This company plans to renovate the theater and that’s why they need photographs from the place. That way they will have a picture of the whole place. And it will be easier for them to project the new look of the theater. Margaret has already finished her job. She has made a lot of nice photos, but something unexpected happened.

Margaret has lost the photos somewhere in the ruins that are left of the theater. She is looking after those photos and she has to be very quick in her search because the building company waits for her work. Let’s search over the ruins of the abandoned theater and see if we can find the lost photos. Margaret will be very thankful, but also that will definitely make the job of the building company a lot easier. Let’s see what is hidden in those runs. You can play Abandoned Theater Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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