Whispers of Lost Souls Game

Whispers of Lost Souls Whispers of Lost Souls. Megan didn’t expect in her wildest and deepest dreams that something like this could ever happen to her. This that happened to her today was totally strange and little bit scary, we have to admit. Early in the morning Megan has left her home, driving with her car with intention to visit her sister.

After driving for a while, suddenly her GPS system has broke down so she find herself in some completely unknown place. Megan didn’t have a clue where she was but she was hoping that she could possibly meet someone that could help her escape from this bad situation. However, she didn’t meet anyone except that she found out something even stranger. It was a small village obsessed by ghosts. It seemed strange at first sight but soon she concluded that it wasn’t similar to anything she has seen before, like the place was from another dimension.

This means that she has to do everything she can to escape from there as soon as she can because no one knows what could happen next. Let’s help Megan get out from there.

Whispers of Lost Souls is a free online hidden object game on Round Games.

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