Ghost Town Game

Ghost TownGhost Town Game: Some cities are partially empty; there are parts of the world where the nightlife ends very early. And everyone is in their homes if you find yourself on the street late at night. And this is all very normal, and it happens often. But what if you get to a certain place as a tourist and realize there is no one there? You’ve been planning your vacation all year, and now, you finally arrive at your desired destination, you know you’re in the right place, but there’s simply no one there. Absolutely no one! Such a thing happened to Sharon and Jeffrey – tourists who happened to be in a small coastal English town.

It is the place where they should be staying. But there is nothing here. Nothing is like what they expect. Everything is deserted, and there is not a single person around. They are trying to find a hotel where they can spend the night. But there is no one in the town they can turn to, and it is all too strange. The whole situation begins to cause fear in them. Let’s try to find out what is happening in this town. And help the two tourists find their way into the strange situation. You can play Ghost Town Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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