Cursed Cinema Game

Cursed CinemaCursed Cinema Game: Have you ever felt like reality is mixing with fiction? Let’s say you read a book, and then you look somewhere outside for the characters you met in the book. Or do you watch a horror movie, and before you go to sleep, you check if someone is hiding under your bed or in the closet? It has probably happened to each of us at some point. But we still know there is a line between reality and unreal. Three friends, Angela, Laura, and Nicole, wonder if what happened to them is reality or fiction. Yes, they decided to go to the local cinema and watch a horror movie. But the real horror happened after the movie ended.

After the movie ended, they noticed there was no one in the theater except the three of them. It is a mystery. Where did all the people, who were here at the beginning of the movie, go? And if they did leave, how did they do it and remain unnoticed? It’s as if they all disappeared from the cinema hall, in a single moment. Let’s help the three friends solve this unexpected mystery and get out of the movie theater safely. You can play Cursed Cinema Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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