Westbrook Tower

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Game Details

Westbrook TowerWestbrook Tower. Imagine one day you get an unanimous call from some distant relative who informs you that you are the inheritor of a huge family heritage that some long time ago belonged to your great grandfather? That would be something like gaining a lottery and you haven’t even bought a ticket for that. That can solve a lot of your financial problems and open new door of imagination and life style. And, now try to imagine, you get a map with a secret heritage from one of your parents that again want to make your life better?

And, is there a better way – you haven’t moved your finger and got some big money waiting at your door. That money can solve the life not only of you and your family, but the future generations as well. Today’s main character in our game, Carla, starts a new mission. She needs to find ‘Westbrook tower’ because there is the place where a map her father has left a long time ago. Why is this map important for? Carla’s father has notified correctly the place where their family heritage has been hidden. That is a cave and a place which is not so easily to access. In the World War Two German soldiers have come in her father’s birth village and started to rob the houses.

But, Carla’s father was quick-witted and in right time collected the whole family fortune and hided it in a cave next to the Westbrook tower. The wellness is consisted of a lot of jewelry, gold, money which were very valuable at that time. Well done, Carla’s father, well done for his predecessors but for his heirs as well. So, if you help Carla, she might be the richest players ever. It is nice to participate in such a provocative mission?