Vicky Cleaning Service 2 Game

Vicky Cleaning Service 2 Vicky Cleaning Service 2. Do you remember Vicky? She owns a cleaning service and she has been running that business for a while, having a great success in it. Vicky is highly motivated and well organized person that manages to be everywhere on time. She works with a group of people, each one of them has his own task and in short time they are leaving the place as clean as possible. Since good words spread fats, Vicky has many clients, and the number of her clients increases every day.

Vicky’s clients are different people. Sometimes she cleans for average people with smaller or normal apartments but she also has some very rich clients that own huge haciendas that take hours of work to finish them. In both cases Vicky’s team pays attentions to the details and leaves the place really clean. Today the cleaning service is in one very luxury apartment. It has 5 rooms but every room has very delicate furniture and numerous small valuable objects in every room.

Your task in this game will be to work together with Vicky and clean all five rooms of the apartment which are actually 5 levels that need to be passed. Only by finding all hidden objects in one level, you are able to move into the next level, so pay a lot of attention if you like to advance in the game.

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