Twilight Manor Game

Twilight Manor Twilight Manor. Being a vampire is definitely complicated thing. Just imagine that you can’t go out during the day, you can’t communicate with anyone because everyone is afraid from you… It’s a very lonely life, a life full of sadness and strange events every day. We may imagine the vampires as very scary and dangerous but sometimes it was not their choice to become vampires but anyway they have to live with that fact eternaly.

Lucas is a vampire that lives far away, alone in his castle. Very often he is disturbed by the peasants that live near the castle. For example, last night, a group of peasants have arrived at the castle and started throwing out all of the Lucas’s belongings. There were many important objects there, many valuable things among which 6 very important rings that were thrown away by those people. The reason why those rings are that important is the fact that they hide his power. If he doesn’t have them, who knows what could happen with him.

Since this vampire is rather good and he doesn’t make any troubles, we could help him find those rings. His situation is very invidious so the least we can do is to help him get his power again, by finding the six rings.

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