Treasure Falls

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Treasure FallsTreasure Falls. Treasure hunters don’t exist only in the stories or in the movies. There are people that really believe that they can find gold. And there are such that actually do find gold. Perhaps the game in all the pursuit is what really matters, that is a passion as well. Countries that are famous for their goldfields, don’t let individuals explore by themselves. They would control the track of the gold vigorously, because, gold will never die. Since the time when it was used as a paying system, gold is the most stable and appreciated metal that humankind has ever had.

Wanda is an adventurist. She has being raised in a house close to the wonderful mystical wood. Since they were children, with her brothers and sisters, they played treasure hunters in the woods. They would dress up properly and act like they were real hunters. Their mother would call for them to come home, but the game was more important than anything. As she grew bigger, she ended her education in high school and then the college came, Wanda never killed her love for the nature and the hunting games. Somehow she met people who were her like-minded friends and she started entering the secrets of the gold hunting. She has just arrived in Colorado, in the famous Treasure Falls. This is Colorado’s touristic attraction and people that come here for a visit think that the waterfalls got the name simply for their inspirational beauty.

Wanda knows that the name of these waterfalls is actually like that due to the gold that the river is caring with it. Wanda is determined to find out exactly how much gold could be found here and where is actually the main goldfield. So, the adventure may begin. Imagine for an instance that you are about to find the biggest goldfield ever. Have fun!

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