Golden Village Game

Golden VillageIn this game: Meet this unusual place known as the Golden Village. It is not a regular place, but a place that hides very interesting things. The young girl named Rose is one of the last citizens of the golden village. This place got its name because ever since ancient times in this place were kept many valuable golden objects. There were different objects hidden all around the village and the citizens of the village know those objects.

One day in this game, Rose has realized that a few golden statues are missing from the village. The place is quiet and this wasn’t something that anyone expected. She is really scared that those statues might be stolen so now her task is to find those objects. Maybe this will be only the beginning of a series of robberies? Let’s make a tour around the golden village and see how does it look like. And what can be expected from a place with that name. Also, help Rose find the missing statues. And let’s hope that it’s just an accident they’re missing, not that there is a thief in the village. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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