Pharaoh’s Coins Game

Pharaoh's CoinsPharaoh’s Coins Game: Amy is about to face her biggest adventure yet. This time our adventurer decides to visit Egypt. She has been to many places and visited various sights. But she has never been to Egypt, although she has always wanted to. Amy arrives in Egypt and comes to the famous Egyptian pyramids. She’s here with an ambitious goal and believes she’s well on her way to achieving it. Namely in Pharaoh’s Coins Game, she is here to find the treasure of the pharaoh. As she has heard and studied, it is about valuable objects. But also about a few gold coins that would be of inestimable value today.

Surely many have searched for these precious things before Amy. But she is convinced that she has the right clue and that she will be able to find them. But to achieve such a discovery on your own, it can be really difficult. Therefore, it would be good if we help Amy in her search. Let’s explore Egypt together, its sights and all the other beauties, but also try to find valuable objects, discovering a part of the history of Egypt. You can play Pharaoh’s Coins game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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