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Forgotten TreasureForgotten Treasure. It is always exciting and nice when you go through some older stuff and objects at home or some abandoned place and find something prized possession or maybe something you have already forgotten. Than, that thing gets another meaning, another dimension for the person that finds it, off course, if she or he, knows how to appreciate that. Than, old memories arrive in our head, remind us of something nice that has happened a long time ago, or maybe some person that we already have forgotten maybe. It brings us back on some nice places, when we were on a special place, with special people. And very often, those issues have bigger value after decades have passed by.This especially happens when it comes to the cases of the celebrities, so how many times have you heard of a case when, some actresses love letters have been found fifty years later than her death or maybe some lost painting of an artist, that why being alive has lived almost miserable.

People love to dignify things and other people and that happens the most when someone is already gone. In today’s game we are offering you a similar story about love and caring, about respecting the cultural heritage of a family member and what does that mean to the successor.

Forgotten Treasure. Some people simply don’t care about thing after the person has passed away, but for others, it is damn important to safe the close person in a good memory. Margaret is the niece of famous writer and painter Fernand Leger. After the death of her grand-father, his house has been closed and forgotten by other family members. After long time, Margaret decides to visit the family house of her grand-father. She is going to find out a lot of images and books from her grand-father, which today are worth a lot.