The Treasure Game

The TreasureThe Treasure Game: Upon their death, people leave different legacies behind them. Sometimes it is about money, real estate, or objects with sentimental value. Actually, the inheritance is not important when we have lost someone we loved. But each heritage is good because it reminds us of people who were important in our lives. But we can’t say that Sandra doesn’t have something special as a legacy from her late grandfather – a hidden treasure! No, it’s not that Sandra’s grandfather was a pirate or something. He simply chose to show his wife and his successors the inheritance, in a very creative way.

The grandmother Margaret and her granddaughter Sandra are following the traces left by Sandra’s late grandfather, which should take them to the hidden treasure. They both hope they will solve successfully all the riddles in the treasure game. They like to play this game until the end and find the treasure that is hiding in their old house. And maybe this treasure is not ours, but it will be interesting for us as well, to play the treasure game and see what will they find. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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