Travels with Kelly 2 Game

Travels with Kelly 2Travels with Kelly 2 Game: You have probably already met Kelly. It is the girl from the other game, the girl that loves traveling very much. In case that you’ve forgotten, Kelly has traveled all around the world, except Europe. Now she is on her trip to Europe and her first stand was England. Actually she visited a very small but very beautiful city, located in the south part of the country. Maybe it wasn’t a place attractive as a touristic destination but it surely had a lot to offer, especially as a place with a long tradition. Kelly is still in this city but she has already planner her next trip.

Travels with Kelly 2 is the second part of the game in which Kelly had the main role. In the second part, Kelly will travel and have her next adventure at the south part of the famous Côte d’Azur. It is about a coastal area in France, along the Mediterranean Sea, roughly coterminous with the French Riviera. This place that is very attractive and brings numerous tourists includes the towns of Cannes, Saint Tropez, Juan-les-Pins, and Antibes and the city of Nice. As well as the principality of Monaco. However, before Kelly gets there, she has to prepare for the trip, packing the necessary luggage. Because she is in a real hurry. Kelly would need some help from you – to find all the objects that Kelly would need for the trip. Enjoy and have fun in playing Travels with Kelly 2 Game.

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