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Trapped in the Dark part 2

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Trapped in the Dark part 2Trapped in the Dark part 2. Seems that mister Edwards is a very brave man because he dares to do things… Well going on a concert is not something daring but having in mind what happened last time to him, we thought that he would be more careful this time…

Trapped in the Dark 2 is actually the second part of the game about Mr. Edwards. He is passionate about music and he visits every concert in his place, when it comes about classical music. He also travels a lot, just to fill his passion about those wonderful sounds of the instruments. After the trouble he had the last time, he was kidnapped when going on a supposed concert in an abandoned house, Mr. Edwards, is invited on a new piano concert, this one again in a private house.

Maybe Mr. Edwards acted little bit naive this time, it’s quite sure that he is very stubborn, so he accepted the invite and went there. Once again he fell into the same trap, Mr. Edwards is kidnapped again! This time it’s about a private weekend house and he is locked in a dark room, trying to find a way how to get out of there. It would be nice if you could help him a bit because it seems like he is in a big trouble and there isn’t any solution for him…