Touch of Magic Game

Touch of Magic Touch of Magic Game: What about some new mystery for today? Weekend time, we can relax a bit and go to some other place. For instance, imagine that you are a sorceress that needs to do some good thing, has a mission to create a lovely world and fight a great evil. Good must always prevail in front of evil. Otherwise, world would be the worst place to be, and we don’t want that to happen, won’t we?

The whole literature and art field is based on the fight between these two forces. And no one says that that mission is simple one. Actually, almost never it is simple. Maybe, if it was a simple thing, that would mean it is a meaningless fight.

Sorceress Grace is under mission today. She must be confidential and completely secretly she needs to enchant the whole territory of her enemies and to enchant all of their objects. The whole point is for the evil to be destroyed so that they won’t violence her family. Let’s help Grace. Imagine that your family is being endangered by some bad person, you would surely do anything you can to change the situation. So enjoy and have fun in playing Touch of Magic Game.

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