Tomb of the Unknown Game

Tomb of the Unknown Tomb of the Unknown. Oh those ghosts and paranormal sights! We could or could not believe in them but how can we explain the strange things happening around us?! Sometimes it’s about a coincidence but sometimes it’s really about strange happenings, like in the following case.

The cemeteries are little bit scary by their own and they are not a good place to stay alone at night in general but what if all of that is complemented with those strange happenings? In the old part of the city cemetery every night appears a ghost that scares the people that are passing by. The people that live there always feel the threat of those ghosts and they are looking for a solution for their problem many years but they can’t be for sure if it’s really about a ghost or who knows what else…

The famous ghost hunter Jeremy has decided to resolve the great mystery about the unknown grave that spreads fear all over the city. Since he is a real professional, he knows many things about those paranormal activities so he believes that if he reveals the true identity of the ghost and writes down his name, the ghost will calm down and he won’t make troubles any more. All through the game you will look for some hidden objects, hidden clues that will help you reveal the identity o the ghost. The last level on the other hand, is actually a puzzle in which you should assemble the letters that you will find in the previous levels and you will get the name of the ghost.

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