The Zodiac Man Game

The Zodiac Man The Zodiac Man. Defined more precisely, horoscope is an astrological diagram that represents the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects and sensitive angles at the time when something happened. Usually persons that are into horoscope consider the moment of a person’s birth. And according to that even, they base many characteristics that this person will have. And while some people are not interested and concerned about horoscope at all. Other people are so into it so they even plan their future accordin to it, choose their partners and so on.

Randy is at the abandoned closed clinic named Horizon. He is here with one single aim, to find the ancient book ‘The Zodiac Man.’ In the past many people were healed in this clinic. And the professionals used this book to take care of the patients. Actually this book hides a rather unique healing method. The patients were treated according to their horoscope signs and before every operation, the doctors consulted the stars. According to the placement of the stars, they could predict the outcomes of the operation. And the whole course of their acts which was very useful for them.

At the moment, Randy has just one part of the book. He has managed to find only that part but he misses the other part. The other 6 horoscope signs that are needed for completing the book. Only in that case people could have a complete overview of the content of this book and find out something more about its methods and principles.

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