The Witch of Egrya Game

The Witch of Egrya The Witch of Egrya. If you believe in the existing of good, you will love this game. Fighting the evil will make us better people, they will give us strength to stay stronger, to create better gor us and for our children and great children. We are sure that you will help the hero of this game. And, what is it about? Evanora is grownup friend of the witch of Egrya. When Evanora was a young girl she learned the secrets of wisdom and magic from Egrya.

But, growing older she understood that Egrya is a bad influence and left her team. Egrya started doing only bad magica and Evanora’s nature wasn’t like that, she believed in good and didn’t want to stand Egrya. Now, a lot of years later she visit Egrya having the missiongo defeat her once forever.

Evanora has to find few objects that could help her to prepare the drink that will kill the bad witch. Evanora believes that she can make the good prevail again. And Only those who believe can really achieve something. One must have bog mission to fulfill. It is that kind of mission we are actually offering you today. It is weekend and it is the best time to do something big for the world. Good luck and have fun!

The Witch of Egrya is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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