The Winterland Curse Game

The Winterland Curse The Winterland Curse. People are different, they have different priorities and affinities in life and that starts from simple things, like the seasons. Some people love the summer and they hardly wait to put off their clothes and enjoy the sun, while others love to take advantage from the winter, having fun in the snow. Other people love seasons that are milder, like the spring and the autumn and so on, but what if your favorite season lasts forever, would it still remain your favorite season?

Ethel is a sorceress that has come into the kingdom of Sinovia. She has come there to help the people who live there beat the winter. Namely, we all love winter, snow and everything idyllic related to this season but those people live in a place where it is winter all the time. Their kingdom is cursed and there is eternal winter so everything is frozen all the time. All the good sides of the winter fall in water if it is always winter. People simply want to see the sun and enjoy something else than snow and ice. They like to see the nature in other colors, sometimes green in spring or yellow from the dry leaves in autumn.

The sorceress Ether believes that if she finds the 6 fiery diamonds and place them in the magical stone, the curse will end which means that the winter will end up too. Let’s help Ethel find those diamonds and make her people happy by giving them something they wished for a very long period of time.

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