The Temple of Sharvani Game

The Temple of Sharvani The Temple of Sharvani. Anaya is a girl that was born in India, in the place known as Sharvani. Sharvani is a very interesting place but Anaya has moved from there soon after she was born and for long years she has been living in another state. Years ago she used to come to Sharvani but now she hasn’t come there for a longer period of time. This place has so many castles dedicated to Buda, it is very mystical place a place that isn’t explored enough and it seems that it hides a numerous secret.

Anaya since was very young wanted to explore the place, to see all places around those amazing castles but since she didn’t live there, she didn’t have many chances for that. Now, Anaya comes to this place after many years but this time she has enough time to spend there and see everything she didn’t see before.

She will visit every place in Sharvani and check out what is that interesting there. She will discover many things related to Buda and we are quite sure that she will enjoy in the wonderful sights. You will take a walk through Sharvani together with Anaya and get to know everything about the place.

The Temple of Sharvani is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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