The Stolen Heirloom Game

The Stolen Heirloom The Stolen Heirloom. Even though the process of getting heritage should be done spontaneously. Because of the fact that we are talking about inheriting something that was belonging to our relatives. Many times this procedure is followed by fights between the heirs. Usually there is someone that likes to get the biggest part of the heritage, someone that believes that he deserves everything and similar situations that make this whole procedure hard and even painful because often there are persons who are ready to trample over everything, just to get that extra money or property.

Amy is in that kind of an unjust situation. She is rather upset because her family heritage has been unjustifiably taken away. She is not a greedy person but in this situation she was the one that deserved those belongings. Amy likes to prove that those old valuable objects have been in her family for ages. For that purpose, she finds the old family album and she starts looking for the particular objects there, which were taken from her as a part of the heritage. Amy didn’t know what else she could do and she believes that this is the easiest way to prove that those objects belong to her family.

Since this is a rather delicate situation, we ask from you if you could help Amy a bit. Search together for those objects and try to bring them back to the right owner.

The Stolen Heirloom is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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