The Shrine of Magic Game

The Shrine of Magic The Shrine of Magic. Zufea is a forest wizard. She knows all the secrets of the forest, understands its laws and rules it very successfully. Zufea uses her magic only for good purposes and she is a well known between the other wizards. However, from time to time every wizard has to refresh his/her powers and magic. There are many ways to do that but still there is one particular way, something that the wizards do annually.

Every year on one special day Zufrea comes to the place called ‘The Shrine of Magic’. This is actually the place where all wizards from all around the world come. They all come here in order to renew their power and get some energy from the magical stone. Besides the regular procedure, those wizards have a specific tradition, to leave certain magical objects near this place. The next wizard that will come on that place will have to find all the objects that have been left hidden by the wizards that were there previously. That way the magic will be completely renewed.

Now it is Zufea’s turn to find all the hidden objects that have been left by the other wizards. Only that way she could renew her energy. Let’s help her complete this difficult mission and go back home with completely new energy and magic that will serve her do even more good acts.

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