The Pirate Fellowship

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The Pirate FellowshipThe Pirate Fellowship. Pirates are not accepted by any country. Old pirates are always interesting for filmmakers who want to transmit that energy and stories from the middle of the seas. Everybody knows Jack Sparrow, incarnated by the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. With his funny face and acting approach, he made us all get interested in this issue. And, girls as well are interested in piracy, off course, not as much as the boys or men. But, when a girl or a woman wants to choose this kind of life and if she is good enough to be dedicated to the pirates’ goals, there is no reason she wouldn’t join the team.

For such example of girl, we are talking in our game today. Amanda is a girl pirate, one of the bravest on the bay. So pirates find no problem for her to become part of their team. The Royal Ship that brought huge amounts of weapon, food and gold, didn’t arrive at the certain location, where the pirates awaited it, to realize their basic mission, and that, off course, is to maraud it. They are doubting that the ship might have been a victim of a storm that happened few nights ago. Pirates decide to look for the royal ship.

The Pirate Fellowship is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.