The Noble Outlaw Game

The Noble Outlaw The Noble Outlaw. James was a modern Robin Hood, his intentions were same as his. He may be doing some not that recommendable job, but at least his intentions were good in general. James, together with his team, was robbing banks. Yeas, you heard well, but the thing is that he wasn’t doing this for himself; he wasn’t doing that to get a great fortune but to help the poor which means that he was some kind of a noble outlaw. At the beginning all members of the gang were giving the money to their poor friends and acquaintances.

Their intention was to fix the mistakes made by the government, together with the banks, about the money that were taken illegally from the poor people. And yes, it was like that at the beginning but after a while, some greedy people came into the gang and started using the ‘The Golden Knives’ for their own purposes. After a while they didn’t want to share the money with the poor but they turned into a regular gang, keeping the money just for themselves which is not a kind of criminal that could be justified. This started to happen very often so James, even though he was founder of the gang, wanted to leave the group so much. All his ideas and wishes for making a fair partition felt down and he had nothing to do with those greedy people.

This injustice became so big, as big as the one that was made by the banks and the government, so now James is only looking for a way to escape from this terrible situation because now he simply can’t find excuse for anything.

The Noble Outlaw is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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