The Last Vampire Game

The Last Vampire The Last Vampire. There are many stories about vampires even though they are not that often in our time. However, the stories about the vampires describe them as creatures that exist by feeding themselves with people’s blood. They are part of the folklore and particularly in European folklore, they were undead beings that frequently went to see their loved ones and caused trouble or deaths in the neighborhoods they inhabited when they were alive.

Besides the vampires, the stories about them often included people whose job was chasing the vampires and taking care of them. Since the vampires are not able to be killed on the regular way, the vampire hunters are people that know all of their secrets, all ways of getting rid of them and sometimes they have a lot of work to do since those undead creatures can be really tough sometimes.

Samuel and Kathy are one of the rare vampire hunters on the planet. They have found out that in one small Romanian village lives the last vampire that exists on this world. We can’t be for sure if that is really the last vampire but however, he is definitely there, spreading feat to the local population. The vampire hunters have heard the complains of the local citizens and have decided to come there and face this last vampire. Samuel and Kathy have a huge team with them, a team of experiences people that really know how to deal with vampires. You are part of this team and you will take part in a real vampire hunt, chasing those extraordinary creatures.

The Last Vampire is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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