The Last Sorceress Game

The Last Sorceress The Last Sorceress. The people from the Kirkou region have been living calmly and peacefully for ages. In the core of their rest and peace lies a mighty woman. Who has been their guardian since the settling of the region. Lucrecia is a powerful sorceress who takes care of the people and their belongings and is devoted to their well being. But, her good hearted nature has been followed up by the bad tempered Galadriel. Who has ruled the region Wegria and has troubled the welfare of the locals from Kirikou since ancient times. Lucrecia and Galdriel have always been in conflicting relations. On one hand, she gives her best to provide Kirkou’s people with peace and joy. And on the other hand Galadriel has confronted her well intentions by disturbing the locals.

Recently, Galadriel has stolen a vast quantity of Kirikou’s inhabitant’s treasures what has alarmed and worried the Kirikou’s residents. Substantially agitated, Lucrecia has decided to take matters in her own hands and bravely confront Galadriel. Her intentions are to get back the stolen fortune. And bring back the peace among the citizens of Kirikou region.

The Last Sorceress. Our player is Lucrecia’s companion and encourages her in her noble quest. Together they go in the Wegria region where their task is to fight the despiteful spirit of Galadriel. And bring Kirikou’s locals’ wealth back. The mission of Lucrecia and our player, beside being generous and precious for the impaired, is a great adventure. Because both of them will be challenged by extraordinary and unusual circumstances. In a location full of surprises. The situations they will face are uncommon and rare and rouse the curious tamper of our player.

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