The Last House on the Street Game

The Last House on the Street The Last House on the Street. Every street has many houses, but as you may already noticed, always there is a house that stays empty for many, many years. The neighbors are wondering why is it like that and usually there isn’t any concrete answer except numerous rumors about the possible owners of the house, about some strange thing that has happen there, maybe evil spirits or ghost with unfinished business that walk through the house, looking for something they’ve lost… And sometimes those stories stay on the same level, without any explanation about them while other times the explanation is that simple, that it doesn’t ask for any additional attention (the owners were somewhere abroad and that’s all).

Our character from today’s game also lives in a street with one suspicious house. The house doesn’t look bad, it is not that old or ruined but however, it has been empty for many years and no one likes to buy it. That’s why there are numerous questions about the house spreading around, why is it like that and no one seems to know the right answer.

Our character is actually a very curious person, in a positive way, that likes to know everything. He has heard some rumors about the last house on the street, telling that the house is cursed and that’s why no one enters there for so many years. That is some kind of an explanation but a strange one so our character decides to get into the house and finally see what is hiding there. This might not be the right gesture but it will surely help calm his curiosity and perhaps get to the truth.

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