The Ghost Next Door Game

The Ghost Next Door The Ghost Next Door. In one famous ski center the guests are extremely scared. And yes, they have a reason for that. Few of them have been witnesses of a ghost that has entered into their rooms so after this strange happening, they all left their rooms for a while. When they came back, they realized that their valuable objects are missing! Why would ghosts need gold and jewelry? That is even more suspicious!

The owner of the ski center worried about this happenings and the reputation of his hotel, hires Harry who is a private detective. Harry works with his well trained dog and two of them have solved numerous similar cases. The owner of the ski center hopes that he has chosen the right man for this job because this is the only way to save his business.

Harry on the other hand, doesn’t believe in ghosts. He knows that this is an important aspect of the whole story and the case but he believes more that someone plays with the nerves of the guests on a purpose. That person scares them with aim to make them leave the rooms. That way he could steal their valuable objects easily, without any obstacle. Harry doesn’t like to spare his time, so he starts the investigation right away, hoping that he and his dog will solve the case easily, just like those numerous cases before.

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