The Four Lands Game

The Four Lands The Four Lands. Dear friends, welcome to this amazing world of the elves. This incredible fantasy world will open up in front of you numerous interesting places and situations. Something you’ve never seen before. Marwen on the other hand, is an elf that lives in this world made of those four lands. It is about a wonderful magical world related with stairs. Interesting about those starts is that each stair leads to another land. Every land is miraculous – one of them is fiery, the second is underwater, in the third one it is always winter while the last land is a heavenly land.

This wonderful world is ruled by the king Durlan while Marwen is the closest associate of Durlan. He has a permission to walk freely through those four lands and actually he is one of the rare persons that have this kind of permission. That’s why he knows many of the secrets hidden in those lands and he feels everywhere as home.

Unfortunately the king Durlan is very sick at this moment. That’s why Marwen, together with his friends Gormon and Thaola, are in a mission to find the magical ingredients needed for preparing the cure for the king. Those ingredients are spread all through those four lands. So they have to visit them one by one and search for those ingredients. Let’s take this amazing journey together with them and find out what is hiding in the world of the four lands. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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